Croft Farm Holidays – Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions of apply to all Guests and members of their party (including day visitors) and it is the responsibility of the person making the booking to ensure that all members of their party understand and comply with the obligations set out within them.
The Owners reserve the right to cancel a booking or repossess holiday accommodation without compensation or refund should Guests not comply with any of the Terms and Conditions outlined below.

Bookings can only be made by persons over the age of 18. A booking is a legal contract and is accepted as such when the deposit has been paid and you receive written confirmation of that from us. Please ensure the details are correct and advise us immediately if there are any errors.
Under Fives
Please note that we can only accept childern under the age of five years old in Trail View Cottage as this is the only property that we feel is suitable for very young children being all on one level. Children of five years and over are welcome in all of our proeprties. The exception to this rule is we would accept a baby in arm (under 5 months) in The Coach House. Please note we do not supply cots or waterproof bedding. 
Please note that the patio garden and grassed area behind Trail View is open plan and children should be supervised at all times when using it. 
Multiple Properties
Where more than one cottage is booked we reserve the right to charge a returnable deposit/bond against any damage that may arise, and asked that any items of furniture or equipment moved from one cottage to another are returned to their rightful place at the end of the holiday. The deposit/bond will be returned after when the cottages have been cleaned and inspected. All properties reserved £300.00. 
Pricing Structure:
The price for a holiday or short break is taken from the price range in place on the date of the start of the holiday and applies from the date of the start of the holiday even if the letting duration spans a published pricing change. During peak holiday times,short breaks may only be reserved 14 nights before arrival. Short breaks are either Friday to Monday or Monday to Friday.
To secure your booking we require a deposit of £150 with the balance payable 3 weeks before the start of your holiday. If booking within three weeks of arrival the whole cost is payable on booking. Please note you may lose your booking and deposit if the full balance is not received by the due date.
International Transfer/Payments
Please note there is an additional charge of £18.00 which will be added to your booking if the payment is received from an international destination.
Price Includes 

The price includes all reasonable heating and electricity costs, bed linen, basic cleaning materials (if required, then please state at the time of paying for your holiday, and an initial supply of washing up liquid and dishwasher tablets.

Transfer of Booking

Bookings are only valid for those named at the time of booking and are not transferable or able to be re-sold. Administration cost is £30.00 to change the date of a reservation 42 days before arrival. Due to the COVID-19 epidemic transfer of bookings are allowed once only. 


To confirm a booking a non refundable deposit of £150.00 is payable to secure the reservation of each cottage.

The balance must be paid no later than 3 weeks before arrivals.

Our cancellation terms have been updated on Thursday 16th April 2020 and do not apply to bookings made before that date. Holidays with a check in date after 1st May 2020 apply to these new regulations. 

Guests may cancel a booking at any time up to 2 days before arrival for any reason and receive a full refund. 

Refund payment for cancelled bookings will be released back to you within 7 working days of cancellation.

Cancellations can only be made up to 2 days prior to check in. Any cancellations later than Tuesday of the same week of arrivals on a Friday will not be refunded, for Monday arrivals cancellations must be before the Friday of the previous week. 

You may cancel your booking by simply notifying us that you wish to do so at least 2 days prior to the arrival date, by email or phone. This must be by the person who signed the booking form.

You may not under any circumstances transfer your booking to anyone else without prior consent.

We strongly recommend that you take out a cancellation insurance policy against this and other such eventualities, for example, in the event of Guests being unable to travel to Croft Farm due to severe weather conditions; a refund will not be given.

In the unlikely event of your accommodation becoming unavailable due to circumstances outside our control, every effort will be made to provide alternative accommodation at Croft Farm Holiday Cottages or alternatively a complete refund will be paid including the deposit. Our liability would not extend beyond this refund.

The Owners do not accept responsibility for breakdown in public or local supplies, including water or electricity, nor any claims against inconvenience caused by such incidences, or by building works, repairs, that may be deemed as necessary. In the case of any breakdown Guests are asked to notify the Owners immediately. We will endeavour, in conjunction with the service company concerned, to correct the fault as soon as reasonable possible.

In the event of a national or local disease epidemic, whether human or animal, the Owners reserve the right to cancel any booking at any time. In such cases a full refund will be given. The owners retain the right to repossess the holiday accommodation if it is reasonably believed that any damage has been caused. No refunds will be given in these circumstances. Any complaints must be made known to the owners immediately. No complaints will be entertained after the guest has departed.  


Whilst everything possible has been done to ensure guests have a carefree holiday, no liability will be held against Croft Farm Holidays if clients become ill during there stay or thereafter visiting the area.  Please note that if you become ill whilst staying and cannot return home, for each week of self isolation you will be charged for all cancelled bookings on site for each cottage for the duration of your stay, with an additional charge of £150.00 cleaning fee made payable to Croft Farm Holiday Cottages before you can remain in the cottage.

In the interest of the health and safety of all my guests, I am asking everyone to answer the following questions before they book;

  • In the last two week, have you or anyone you live with travelled to any areas that have been impacted by Covid-19?
  • Have you been diagnosed with, or suspect that you have contracted Covid-19?
  • Do you currently have any travel restrictions in your area due to Covid-19?
Your cottage will be available from 4.00 pm on the day of arrival. The shared courtyard area may only be used for the ease of unloading and loading your luggage. Please ensure that you park in the car parking area on the approach to the cottages at all other times.(Bumper or Boot facing the wall) Please do not park under the covered garage area as this is private parking.
Please vacate the cottage by on the day of departure to allow us time to make it ready for the next guests.
Number of Guests
The number of guests occupying the cottage overnight must not exceed the maximum occupancy stated for that cottage. Although we are happy for friends and family to visit for short periods and in small numbers, we do not allow parties or family/friends to utilise our facilities etc which are strictly reserved for the use of our paying guests.
We reserve the right to terminate the stay of any guest if these conditions are not observed or their conduct is likely to impair the enjoyment, comfort or safety of other guests and/or staff. No refunds will be given in these circumstances.

Access to Cottages
We reserve the right of reasonable access to the cottages at all times but where possible we would advise you in advance if access is required.
Damages, Breakages and Cleaning
We do not accept any responsibility/liability for loss, injury damage or to guests’ personal effects or property or expenses of any kind sustained by any member of the holidaymaker party in connection with the holiday or the accommodation whilst staying at Croft Farm Holiday Cottages.
Please take care with your accommodation. You are responsible and liable for any breakages, damages or excessive cleaning which you cause to the accommodation or its contents. Please report these as soon as they occur. We do not normally charge for minor breakages, but we reserve the right to charge you for replacement, repair or making good if the damage or breakage is significant.
Please note that consequential costs may be incurred where it is not possible to repair or clean the cottage prior to the arrival of the next guest who subsequently demands compensation from us.
Service Dogs:
We only allow Service Dogs (Hearing Assistance or Guide Dogs) to stay in our properties. Please notify us in advance if you wish to bring a Service Dog on holiday with you. No other pets are allowed.
Please note that Croft Farm Holiday Cottages operates a strict no smoking policy and smoking is not allowed within the cottages. We reserve the right to seek compensation (including consequential loss) for any damage and additional costs of cleaning (such as curtains etc) caused by a guest smoking within any of the cottages. Consequential costs may be incurred where it is not possible to remove the smell of smoke from a cottage prior to the arrival of the next guest who subsequently demands compensation from us.
Fuel Surcharge
We reserve the right to introduce a ‘Fuel Surcharge’ per cottage if our utility costs increase by more than 20% over the year period. The level of the ‘Surcharge’ will be at cost and only introduced if our costs increase by 20% over that of those in the October of the previous year (that being the date when the original prices were set).
Any existing bookings will be notified of the actual increase 6 weeks prior to arrival and will have a ‘no cost’ cancellation option (i.e. the booking deposit will be returned).
Anyone booking after a Surcharge has been applied will be notified of the surcharge amount when booking. The ‘no cost’ cancellation will only be applicable in this instance if the Surcharge has been introduced since the time of the booking.
Inclusive Heating and Electricity Costs

The all inclusive costs are based on ‘reasonable’ usage of heating and electricity during your stay. We reserve the right to charge for ‘unreasonable’ usage. Charges will be made at current electricity prices plus a £10 administration fee. An example of ‘unreasonable usage’ would be where a guest has turned the heating up to a higher than programmed setting and then gone out for the day, or has the heating set to a higher than programmed setting throughout the night.
We appreciate that some people feel the cold more than others and we do try to be as flexible as possible and accommodate everyone.
The heating is controlled by thermostat and is set to come on at the following time;
Winter: Morning 7.00 -11.00 a.m. (20 Deg C)
Evening: 4.00pm -10.00pm (20 Deg C)
Any other time (spring – autumn):
Morning: Heating: 7.00– 10.30a.m. (20 Deg C)
Evening: Heating: 6.00pm – 9.00pm (20 Deg C)
Note – the Temperature shown on the Thermostat is the ‘desired temperature’ not the actual temperature.
The water heater is set to come on at the times shown. If additional hot water is required, please use the immersion heater switch by the hot water tank. Please remember to switch this off!
Please do not alter the timing controls yourself; we will be more than happy to do it for you at your request.
Please note: During the Summer season of 2020 the log burners are not to be used. 
Site Safety:

Please ensure that children are not allowed to wander around the farm unsupervised. All farm buildings are strictly out of bounds.
The land at Croft Farm is farmed by heavy machinery and as such, can be very dangerous; please watch out for tractors and other heavy machinery which use the access roads and give way to them at all times. Please do not allow children to climb on the stone walls, gates and fencing.
Please note that a number of heavy vehicles use the access road up to the High Peak Trail, do take care and give way to them at all times. The Owners retain the right to conduct their other business activities freely and shall not be liable for if any inconvenience caused.
Mobile phones:

Mobile phone signal is variable between the service providers, and in different locations at Croft Farm. You may be able to get signal on the driveway if not within the property.
Wi-Fi is available but not 100% guarantee. Those using Wi-Fi must agree to sign the Wi-Fi terms and conditions.
Wi-fi is for residential/tourism research use only. Not commercial use
Cycle Barn

The Cycle Barn offers covered storage of cycles overnight for our guests. We provide bicycle racks affixed to the property and ask that guests use their own cycle locks to secure their cycles to them. We cannot accept any responsibility for loss or damage to guest’s cycles or property whilst at Croft Farm. Please note there are no medical facilities on site.
Your Holiday

We want you to enjoy your stay with us. If there are any problems with the standard of your accommodation please contact us at the time the problem occurs. Complaints will not be entertained after the end of the hiring period or after the Guest has departed.
Changes to our Terms and Conditions

Our Terms and Conditions are subject to periodic change, and so we suggest that you print a copy for your reference. If our Terms and Conditions change, and, in the unlikely event that a dispute arises, we will honour the version in operation at the time of your initial booking.
Lost Property
Any lost property will be stored for 4 weeks only. If the property is not claimed the items will be donated to the local charity shop. Int he event of returning to the owner by post/ courier this will be charged beforehand.